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THE POPKORNER is specialized in producing insanely delicious gourmet popcorn flavors, using finest ingredients! Our customers are adults, children, sport addicts, gastronomes, or simple popcorn lovers. We aim to satisfy them all.

With over a dozen of unique and diverse flavors, our gourmet popcorn is prepared with premium ingredients, starting with non-GMO corn kernels that is popped with air-popping specialized equipment (no oil) until coating with natural flavors. Investing in quality ingredients and implementing rigorous procedures will ensure consistent, high-quality product and flavors.

We pride ourselves to have successfully opened our first shop in Dubai in April 2022, and it is based on an honest vision towards delivering real gourmet experience to popcorn lovers. We truly believe that popcorn is not limited to being a traditional snack associated with movies, but when prepared with passion and creativity it can be elevated to become an exceptional snack product that is really gourmet’!

THE POPKORNER gourmet popcorn shop in Dubai
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